Hellenistic Astrology and Palmistry with Camen Oca



I'm Jeanne and I reached out to Carmen for a horary reading regarding the sale of our mother's house, which had encountered some issues. Carmen provided an amazingly accurate response. She explained everything in simple terms and then in astrological terms, assuring us that the house would indeed sell to individuals who would truly cherish it, and quickly. However, she mentioned that we would have to negotiate the price. Just three days later, we received an offer. It wasn't for purchasing the house to rent out, which has been an issue with other buyers, but rather for a family to live in. We had to lower the price, but not a great deal.

Due to her approach in the Horary, I made the decision to schedule a one-hour consultation with transits for the upcoming year, as my birthday is approaching and I always enjoy having a reading. The face-to-face meeting was really beneficial, and I am impressed by Carmen's ability to comprehend the significant events that have occurred in my life over the past few years, as well as guide me, as an artist, mother, grandmother and wife, towards my future path and navigate the upcoming months. Carmen's intuition and generosity are remarkable, and I felt completely at ease throughout the session. I now have a much clearer understanding of the next phases, and I wholeheartedly recommend Carmen. She is an exceptional astrologer. Thank you so much Carmen.

Jeanne, 2024