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Natal chart readings

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£70 one-hour online session

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A natal chart reading is a great first step to get an understanding of your life path, and how to get your best potential in relation to everything within you and outside you. You will get awareness of certain karmic patterns that will be an important first step in any healing process and personal advancement.​

In this one-hour online session we will explore your natal chart with techniques used by the ancient Greeks, and in a conversation that is adapted to your individual requests or requirements. I encourage you to ask me any question that are important for you or patterns in your life that you want to explore.This will give you a great sense of understanding, direction and it will help you to make the most of your future. I study the natal promise of your birth chart, and look at the past, present and future. After our session, I will send you a recording of the reading.​

It is especially important that you have the precise birth date, birth time and birthplace. Preferred is the exact time on your birth certificate. If that is not available, look for the exact time in a baby book or newspaper birth announcement. Of course, you can also ask your parents if no other sources are available to you. As soon as you have this information, contact me so we can schedule our session together!