Hellenistic Astrology and Palmistry with Camen Oca


Natal Chart Readings, Predictive Astrology and Palmistry

I'm an advanced certified Hellenistic Astrologer and Palmistry practitioner. My intention is to help you to understand your life path and karmic connections to help you move with self awareness in your life.

A Natal Chart reading is your first step to understand your life footprint, your Karmic bonds and what period of evolution you are heading at this time.

In an hour online reading we will be able to explore your life path imprinted at your birth and we will apply predictive techniques with origin in Hellenistic Astrology used by the Ancient Greeks. We will also discuss your current path, your healing process and personal development. I will decode your birth promise and give you insights to your past, present and future. We can also look at important dates in your future and how to take advantage of the best timing for them. I will ask you to send me your burning questions in advance if you want to look at important future events.

It is essential that you have your exact date of birth, birth time and city for your reading. Once you know, please fill my contact form to schedule a session together.

Palmistry gives you a great insight to your personality and how you move through your life according to your hand lines, hand shape and size. I will require a hand print to read your hand.